Minnesota Implements Tougher Penalties for Mid-Level DWIs

By Kirk Anderson on July 15, 2015

As most people know, Minnesota takes DWIs very seriously. A DWI offense can result in serious legal and financial penalties and it is not an expungeable offense. Starting in August 2015, the penalties for drunk driving are going to get more serious and thousands of drivers are going to be affected. The Legislature had already… Read more »

University of Minnesota Police Investigate Assault and Robbery

By Kirk Anderson on July 13, 2015

The U of M Minneapolis campus is now the subject of an assault and robbery investigation. On the morning of Tuesday July 7, a college student who is not a student at the University of Minnesota was assaulted and robbed in the Barbara Barker Center for Dance parking lot. According to the police report, three… Read more »

Minneapolis Prosecutors Must Prove Sellers Know Synthetic Drugs are Illegal

By Kirk Anderson on July 13, 2015

The Supreme Court ruled in June that prosecutors must prove that those who are accused of selling synthetic drugs are aware that the substances are illegal. This is a ruling that could make it harder for prosecutors in Minneapolis and throughout the Twin Cities to convict synthetic drug dealers. However, slight chemical modifications and the… Read more »

Freeway Chase Leads to Arrest of 8 After Edina Louis Vuitton Theft

By Kirk Anderson on July 13, 2015

Police had to use a special precision immobilization technique to stop a fleeing vehicle on a Twin Cities freeway. It was suspected that the vehicle was the getaway car for those involved in the theft of high-dollar merchandise. This stop occurred after an employee at the Edina Louis Vuitton store said a group of people… Read more »

Two Twin Cities Wrong-Way Crashes Blamed on DWI

By Kirk Anderson on April 30, 2015

As the temperatures rise, so will the number of drunk drivers on the roads. This means that law enforcement will be out, looking for anyone who is driving like they may be under the influence. This also means that there may be an uptick in the number of DWI-related crashes that occur throughout Minneapolis, St…. Read more »

Sex Offender Therapist Accused of Sexual Assault

By Kirk Anderson on April 22, 2015

The Minnesota Sex Offender Program has had its fair share of issues. There has been a lot of controversy surrounding it because so few have been released from the program in its 25 years of history. Now there is a case of a clinical therapist for the program being accused of repeatedly sexually assaulting a… Read more »

Members of Minnesota Synthetic Drug Ring Indicted

By Kirk Anderson on April 14, 2015

Five people have been indicted after they were found to be the possible members of a synthetic drug ring worth millions of dollars and the drug ring was operating in Minnesota. Federal prosecutors said that the individuals have been charged with conspiracy to distribute synthetic cannabinoids. According to court documents, a New Brighton man who… Read more »

Indictments Handed down on Alleged Minneapolis Drug Traffickers

By Kirk Anderson on April 7, 2015

Gangs have been in the Twin Cities for quite some time. They have been suspected of murder, drug trafficking, and other activities. Sometimes these activities can be proven and other times they are not. In one case, seven members of two gangs known on the streets of Minneapolis have been indicted on drug trafficking charges…. Read more »

Forest Lake Couple Charged with Welfare Fraud & Forgery

By Kirk Anderson on April 2, 2015

Welfare fraud is taken very seriously. It is a form of theft and a white collar crime that can land someone in prison for a very long time. One couple in Forest Lake just might find out exactly how much time is served by a person who commits welfare fraud after they received over $150,000… Read more »

DWI Arrests Increased over the holidays, but Down for the Year

By Kirk Anderson on February 7, 2015

DWI arrests were up over the holidays, but they were down as a whole for 2014. In one case, a woman had a .45 percent blood alcohol concentration, so she was arrested for DWI when an officer found her passed out in her vehicle in the driveway of a state trooper while the engine was… Read more »