University of Minnesota’s Wresting Team Scandal Involving Xanax

By Kirk Anderson on May 29, 2016

Officials are investigating allegations against members of the University of Minnesota’s wrestling team, the Golden Gophers, and their coach, J Robinson. The allegations come from an anonymous member of the wrestling team who relayed to authorities that Robinson found out members of his team were using Xanax and were involved in drug dealing. This individual… Read more »

Minneapolis Woman Guilty of Faking Ex’s Death for Insurance Money

By Kirk Anderson on May 25, 2016

Irina Vorotinov, a Minneapolis resident, plead guilty to charges of mail fraud and making a monetary transaction with criminally derived funds. The charges stem from a case of insurance fraud dating back to 2011, when Vorotinov made a claim with Mutual of Omaha to collect benefits for her ex-husband, Igor. Igor Vorotinov had taken out… Read more »

Beware of False Personation or Stolen Identities

By Kirk Anderson on May 17, 2016

False Personation is defined as “assuming the personal identity of another person to gain a benefit or to cause harm to the other person.” There are a number of ways this can occur. It pays to be informed and to watch out for this in your own life and even in the lives of your… Read more »

Does Killing Persons Aiding Federal Investigations Exist?

By Kirk Anderson on May 11, 2016

Killing persons aiding federal investigations can occur. However, there are many reasons people may be murdered to eliminate them and their testimony. These types of murders are now cynically called by a new description,”suicide d”. Many stories defy common sense and reason. They belong in the same column as the magic bullet that killed JFK…. Read more »

What To Expect If You Are Charged With Shoplifting In Minnesota

By Kirk Anderson on May 3, 2016

Shoplifting is often viewed as a relatively harmless crime that is mostly engaged in by teenagers looking for thrills or attempting to obtain alcohol. Professional shoplifting rings can hit stores for big losses, however, and the state of Minnesota takes the crime seriously. State Statute 629.366 (the state’s “merchant statute”) grants a store’s loss prevention… Read more »

Animal, Bird, Fish and Plant Crimes: How Was I Supposed to Know That Was Illegal?

By Kirk Anderson on April 18, 2016

Far too many Americans do not realize that the majority of wild animals and birds are protected. Unfortunately, that translates into the fact that animal, bird, fish and plant crimes occur every day. Most occur because people simply don’t realize that keeping a wild animal as a pet is illegal or that pretty flower growing on the… Read more »

Minnesota Animal Crimes – Ramsey County Sheriff’s Deputy Pleads Guilty

By Kirk Anderson on April 11, 2016

Just like crimes committed to humans, animal crimes are disturbing. Fortunately there are laws against them. According to Minnesota State Law concerning harming a service animal, “No person shall intentionally and without justification do either of the following to a service animal while it is providing service or while it is in the custody of the person it… Read more »

3 Ways You Could Become a Victim of Credit Card Fraud

By Kirk Anderson on April 4, 2016

In a digital age, thieves are finding more creative ways to scam you. Credit card fraud can affect even the most careful and guarded consumer. Reduce your risk of financial shortfalls and mishaps by finding out how you could become a victim of credit card fraud. 1. ATM Skimmers: Be wary of using ATMs that appear to… Read more »

The Ambiguous Nature of the Conspiracy Charge

By Kirk Anderson on March 28, 2016

A conspiracy is considered to exist when two or more individuals agree to commit an unlawful act and action is taken in furtherance of that act. The agreement doesn’t necessarily require a conversation about the crime. It can be inferred from the actions of the alleged conspirators. An individual charged with conspiracy need not even… Read more »