The Status of Minnesota Child Abuse Cases in 2013

By Kirk Anderson on February 13, 2014

2013 was a year where a lot happened in the area of child sex abuse. Progress was made in some areas, but religious groups had to go back and start from scratch to find new ways to protect themselves legally. One of the progressive points is when the deadline that had prevented victims from pressing… Read more »

When Data Breaches Occur in Minnesota and Beyond

By Kirk Anderson on February 10, 2014

Data breaches are a very big deal. Just look at what happened to Target when millions of people had their credit and debit card information literally stolen from them. In recent days, Target Corp said that the cyber thieves stole their credentials from one of their vendors, which is what allowed the thieves to gain… Read more »

Twin Cities Traffic Fatalities Down in 2013

By Kirk Anderson on February 3, 2014

In the Twin Cities, the number of traffic fatalities decreased significantly. In fact, the entire state of Minnesota saw a decline in the number of deaths on the road. In addition to the decrease in the number of fatalities there was also a decrease in the number of motorists pulled over for drunken driving, according… Read more »

Holidays Prove to be Prime Time for Car Thefts in St. Paul

By Kirk Anderson on January 21, 2014

The holidays have proven to be prime time for car theft. This has made the holiday season one that went from happy for some to horrifying. A fun week with the family has suddenly turned into a time where enterprising criminals can capitalize on their trade. Last year, New Year’s Day was the day that… Read more »

Is Synthetic Drug Use Not as Bad in Minneapolis as Once Thought?

By Kirk Anderson on January 17, 2014

Synthetic drug use in Minneapolis has been a topic of conversation, as the using, selling, and distribution of synthetic drugs are now illegal. However, there is a statistic that has come to light that many did not expected and that is that fewer teenagers are trying fake marijuana. The drug is typically known as “Spice”… Read more »

Minneapolis Police Respond to Increase in Campus Crime

By Kirk Anderson on January 12, 2014

Robberies on the University of Minnesota campus have been a major problem in recent months. In fact, there were 28 robberies in the preceding four months ending the first week of December. The robberies occurred on the campus and in the neighborhoods that surround the campus. It is important to note that crime increases on… Read more »

Sex Abuse Takes Center Stage in Minneapolis & St. Paul Catholic Churches

By Kirk Anderson on January 2, 2014

There has been a lot of media attention surrounding the sex abuse allegations in Catholic churches in both Minneapolis and St. Paul. In fact, the entire state of Minnesota has seen its fair share with the Duluth Archdiocese releasing the names of accused priests. Now the Pope is getting even more involved, order the formation… Read more »

Minneapolis & St. Paul is Cracking down on Heroin

By Kirk Anderson on December 22, 2013

Heroin has hit Minneapolis and St. Paul hard, especially in Anoka County. In fact, it is St. Francis that has seen a lot of activity lately and now the small town of just 7,000 is striking back as the drug is resurging all over the country. A group of 20 St. Francis residents started a… Read more »

Minneapolis Police Record Higher Crime Rates in Como

By Kirk Anderson on December 15, 2013

Southeast Como has seen an increase in crime, but neighborhood leaders and residents say they are determined to reverse this trend. There have been everything from assaults to sex crimes throughout the area and this has Minneapolis police logging more crimes happening in the area. This led to the community having a late October meeting… Read more »