Protesters Can Sue Cops they Say Gave them Marijuana

By Kirk Anderson on April 15, 2014

Protesters are saying that their constitutional rights may have been violated because police officers gave them marijuana. Two protesters from the Occupy movement in the Twin Cities said that they smoked marijuana that law enforcement gave them as a part of a police training program. Now a federal judge has said that the two individuals… Read more »

Heroin Addicts in Minneapolis & St. Paul Face Treatment Barriers

By Kirk Anderson on April 12, 2014

In Minnesota, some jurisdictions put a lot of focus on treatment and rehabilitation rather than punishment in their drug courts. Heroin, in particular, is a highly addictive drug that has led to a lot of problems for individuals throughout Minneapolis & St. Paul. It has also resulted in overdoses and is one of the most… Read more »

Abuse of New Powerful Painkiller Emerging in Minneapolis

By Kirk Anderson on April 9, 2014

A new painkiller has made an appearance in Minneapolis and St. Paul and it is called Zohydro. It is a drug that, if caught in possession of without a valid prescription, could result in prescription drug arrests. The emergence of this drug as an abused drug comes in addition to a well-publicized battle against the… Read more »

Teens and Social Media: A Child Pornography Cesspool in Minneapolis & St. Paul?

By Kirk Anderson on March 20, 2014

Minneapolis and St. Paul high schools are confronting the fact that there is an issue that exists surrounding social media. This issue is in the way of the photos and other materials that teens are exchanging with one another through social media on their computers and phones, resulting in what could be considered “unintentional child… Read more »

Minnesota State Panel Proposes Changes to Synthetic Drug Laws

By Kirk Anderson on March 12, 2014

Synthetic drugs have been in the news a lot because they have become rather prevalent in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Now changes to state laws have been proposed in hopes that the flow of synthetic drugs to Minnesota will be cut off. The Select Committee on Controlled Substances and Synthetic Drugs recommended the changes, including… Read more »

Heroin Problem in Minneapolis Topic of Many Discussions

By Kirk Anderson on March 4, 2014

Heroin is not a victimless drug. It is a drug that claims those who become addicted to it. It takes their health, estranges them from their families, and it can result in criminal penalties if a person is caught with possessing it and/or trying to traffic or sell it. Heroin in Minneapolis and St. Paul… Read more »

Charged with a Crime in Minneapolis or St. Paul? Expungement May Expand

By Kirk Anderson on February 28, 2014

Minnesota seems to be becoming more forgiving of people who have criminal pasts, as this is becoming a hot topic for state legislators. It has been proposed that low-level offenders should receive a clean slate more quickly than they are for a clearly defined set of offenses. However, a special House-Senate group, which released draft… Read more »

Authorities in Twin Cities Dealing with Influx of Pure, Cheap Heroin

By Kirk Anderson on February 25, 2014

Heroin is a highly addictive and dangerous drug. Anyone who has used heroin or knows someone who has knows that it can be a difficult drug to quit. It is believed that the influx of the drug in Minneapolis and St. Paul over the past five years has to do with a steady increase in… Read more »

Addressing Sexual Assaults in Twin Cities Senior Living Homes

By Kirk Anderson on February 24, 2014

A number of things can happen within nursing homes and other senior living facilities. While some individuals hope that their loved ones are taken care of like they think they will be, there are times that are not the case. There have been a number of incidents in Twin Cities nursing homes involving abuse and… Read more »

Minneapolis & St. Paul Painkiller, Heroin Deaths Climbed in Early 2013

By Kirk Anderson on February 18, 2014

Overdose deaths from prescription pain medication and heroin surged in Minneapolis and St. Paul in the first half of 2013, despite a fight to slow down the deadly epidemic. That’s the finding of the latest drug-trends study that was released in January, stating that 69 people had died of opiate-related overdoses in Hennepin County in… Read more »