Minnesota Judges Get More Flexibility in Drug Cases

By Kirk Anderson on June 15, 2014

Something has changed in Minnesota in regards to how judges can handle drug cases. Now, a nonviolent drug offender in Minneapolis, St. Paul, or anywhere in Minnesota can catch a break in their case. U.S. Attorney general, Eric Holder, along with others made a call for assistant attorneys to examine their incoming drug cases. By… Read more »

Minnesota Drunk Driving Arrests Posted on Billboards

By Kirk Anderson on June 12, 2014

Imagine you are pulled over in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Bloomington, or somewhere else in the Twin Cities for DWI and all of a sudden your name flashes across a digital billboard somewhere else in the state. That is precisely what is happening during some DWI crackdowns in Minnesota. One of those campaigns occurred in August… Read more »

Mexican Drug Cartel Allegedly Conducted Twin Cities Torture Operation

By Kirk Anderson on June 5, 2014

While the Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area is a long way off from the home of the Sinaloa drug cartel in Mexico, it didn’t stop three enforcers for that cartel from coming up to the Twin Cities to attempt to hunt down two teens they accused of stealing money and drugs from a stash… Read more »

65 Minnesota Drug Traffickers Arrested in Operation Exile

By Kirk Anderson on May 30, 2014

In an effort to fight the heroin problem in Minnesota, a joint effort led to 65 drug trafficker arrests. It was announced in April that simultaneous raids were conducted throughout the state. It resulted in dozens of arrests, as well as the seizure of weapons, drugs, and approximately $250,000 in cash. This made the drug… Read more »

Drunk Driver Who Crashed into St. Paul Bar had Multiple DWIs

By Kirk Anderson on May 22, 2014

Minneapolis and St. Paul have joined many other communities around Minnesota in cracking down on drunk driving. This has resulted in a number of DWI arrests that have led to convictions and others that have not either because the person truly was not drinking or something was done incorrectly during the arrest procedure. The fact… Read more »

Minneapolis Police Seeing More Heroin Surfacing Across City

By Kirk Anderson on May 11, 2014

Police in Minneapolis say that they are seeing more heroin than ever surfacing across the city. Last year, they recovered heroin at a rate at one time per day, which is just a small example of the boom in the popularity of narcotics all across the United States. Heroin is a very profitable drug for… Read more »

Minnesota Senate Passes Drug Overdose Intervention Bill

By Kirk Anderson on May 5, 2014

In early April, the Minnesota senate unanimously voted and passed a bill that is geared toward the reduction of overdose deaths related to heroin. The bill states that first responders are to be armed with an antidote and it gives limited immunity to individuals who report a drug overdose that is in progress. The bill… Read more »

St. Paul College Student Pushes to Close DWI Loophole

By Kirk Anderson on April 27, 2014

One Concordia University student is very determined and refuses to take no for an answer, although it looks like her quest has ran into a legislative wall. The young lady, along with her political science professor and six students that share her passion, want impaired driving to be excluded from a state law that allows… Read more »

Spring Marks Beginning of Increased DWI Checkpoints in St. Paul & Minneapolis

By Kirk Anderson on April 20, 2014

The weather is warming up and that means more outdoor parties, trips to the bars, and sporting events that lead to large parties that serve alcohol. What this also means is that law enforcement in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and all around the Twin Cities will be setting up even more DWI checkpoints around sporting events… Read more »