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What is Medicare Fraud and How Can it Affect Medicare Recipients?

By Kirk Anderson on November 22, 2016

Medicare Fraud is actually a generic term used for any “unlawful act which results in the inappropriate billing of Medicare for services by a healthcare provider, including physicians, hospitals and affiliated providers”. (Definition found at  Medicare Fraud can occur at any level of care. In the long run, Medicare Fraud can affect the care you receive for numerous reasons…. Read more »

Government Clamps Down on Duplicate Coverage to Cut Medicaid and ACA Fraud

By Kirk Anderson on October 11, 2016

Some Medicaid recipients end up picking up insurance coverage later on due to a change in their job situation. But some Medicaid beneficiaries who picked up coverage through the federal health insurance marketplace could be in position to lose their subsidies. Circumstances have come to light showing how people might face charges of Medicaid fraud…. Read more »

3 Ways You Could Become a Victim of Credit Card Fraud

By Kirk Anderson on April 4, 2016

In a digital age, thieves are finding more creative ways to scam you. Credit card fraud can affect even the most careful and guarded consumer. Reduce your risk of financial shortfalls and mishaps by finding out how you could become a victim of credit card fraud. 1. ATM Skimmers: Be wary of using ATMs that appear to… Read more »

Forest Lake Couple Charged with Welfare Fraud & Forgery

By Kirk Anderson on April 2, 2015

Welfare fraud is taken very seriously. It is a form of theft and a white collar crime that can land someone in prison for a very long time. One couple in Forest Lake just might find out exactly how much time is served by a person who commits welfare fraud after they received over $150,000… Read more »