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Minnesota Lawmakers in Standoff over Sex Offender Program

By Kirk Anderson on August 15, 2015

The Minnesota sex offender program has been under a lot of scrutiny in recent years, as offenders who have completed the program have yet to be set free. On August 10, Gov. Mark Dayton and state lawmakers had a meeting with a federal judge with no idea on whether or not to move ahead with… Read more »

Minnesota Sex Offender Program Ruled Unconstitutional by Judge

By Kirk Anderson on July 20, 2015

The Minnesota sex offender program has been in the news a lot in recent years, as it has let very few offenders go once they have entered into the program and essentially completed their rehabilitation. In June, a federal judge ruled that the sex offender treatment program is unconstitutional, stating that it violates the “fundamental… Read more »

Sex Offender Therapist Accused of Sexual Assault

By Kirk Anderson on April 22, 2015

The Minnesota Sex Offender Program has had its fair share of issues. There has been a lot of controversy surrounding it because so few have been released from the program in its 25 years of history. Now there is a case of a clinical therapist for the program being accused of repeatedly sexually assaulting a… Read more »

New Study Looks at the Business Side of Minneapolis Sex Traffickers

By Kirk Anderson on October 20, 2014

Sex trafficking occurs in Minneapolis because it is seen as the ideal marketplace. Between the vulnerable youth frequenting bus stops, libraries, and other areas, there is a demand that is being supplied. In order for a sex trafficker to be successful, they have to find young people, recruit and capture, then, they then process them… Read more »

Sex Abuse Takes Center Stage in Minneapolis & St. Paul Catholic Churches

By Kirk Anderson on January 2, 2014

There has been a lot of media attention surrounding the sex abuse allegations in Catholic churches in both Minneapolis and St. Paul. In fact, the entire state of Minnesota has seen its fair share with the Duluth Archdiocese releasing the names of accused priests. Now the Pope is getting even more involved, order the formation… Read more »

Minnesota Sex Offender Treatment Program Dispute Gets Political

By Kirk Anderson on December 5, 2013

The fate of a convicted rapist ready to be released from the Minnesota Sex offender Treatment Program has now become a political issue that could become a topic in the next governor’s race. The Minnesota Sex Offender Treatment Program has been the subject of conversation in recent years because it is a highly populated transitional… Read more »

Minnesota to Bar Over 100 Nurses with Criminal Histories

By Kirk Anderson on November 30, 2013

It is estimated that approximately 1-7 nurses throughout Minnesota will be barred from providing patients with direct care after the State Department of Human Services learned that many of them have criminal records that could disqualify them from being able to administer treatment. The agency acted after they were provided with nearly 300 names of… Read more »

Minneapolis & St. Paul Schools to Check for Sex Offenders

By Kirk Anderson on November 17, 2013

Schools in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and all throughout the state and country will not be allowed to employ any workers that have been convicted of sexual offenses against children or other violent crimes after the House passed a bill regarding the matter on October 22. Although many school systems perform background checks on individuals considered… Read more »

Minneapolis Sees Sex Abuse Cases Reopened Against the Catholic Church

By Kirk Anderson on November 11, 2013

Clergy abuse has been a major topic in recent years and now Minneapolis and St. Paul are seeing clergy sex abuses cases come back to the surface. The Minneapolis-St. Paul Archdioceses have said that serious mistakes were made in the investigations that the Archdiocese conducted over allegations of sex abuse by its clergy members. Now… Read more »

Prostitution Rings Widening in St. Paul

By Kirk Anderson on October 28, 2013

Prostitution rings have become common throughout Minneapolis and St. Paul and they are growing in size. Because of the prevalence of prostitution rings in the area, law enforcement has carried out stings that have resulted in arrests of prostitutes and pimps, as well as the johns seeking services. Officers have found in multiple stings that… Read more »