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Animal, Bird, Fish and Plant Crimes: How Was I Supposed to Know That Was Illegal?

By Kirk Anderson on April 18, 2016

Far too many Americans do not realize that the majority of wild animals and birds are protected. Unfortunately, that translates into the fact that animal, bird, fish and plant crimes occur every day. Most occur because people simply don’t realize that keeping a wild animal as a pet is illegal or that pretty flower growing on the… Read more »

Minnesota Animal Crimes – Ramsey County Sheriff’s Deputy Pleads Guilty

By Kirk Anderson on April 11, 2016

Just like crimes committed to humans, animal crimes are disturbing. Fortunately there are laws against them. According to Minnesota State Law concerning harming a service animal, “No person shall intentionally and without justification do either of the following to a service animal while it is providing service or while it is in the custody of the person it… Read more »