3 Ways You Could Become a Victim of Credit Card Fraud

By Kirk Anderson on April 4, 2016

In a digital age, thieves are finding more creative ways to scam you. Credit card fraud can affect even the most careful and guarded consumer. Reduce your risk of financial shortfalls and mishaps by finding out how you could become a victim of credit card fraud.

1. ATM Skimmers: Be wary of using ATMs that appear to be tampered with. Thieves may attach skimming devices to the ATMs exterior to export your credit card information and personal identification number. If the machine shows signs of aging, scuff marks or loose bits near the PIN pad, don’t swipe and report it to the ATM owner.

2. Wi-Fi Hacking: It may seem harmless to check your credit card account balance online while surfing the web in a coffee shop. However, if the business uses an open wireless network, you could be making it easier for hackers to acquire your passwords and intercept your online transactions. Save your online shopping and banking transactions for when you are on a secure network.

3. Spam Messages: Banks and credit card companies will never ask for your personal information via a text or e-mail. However, scammers will. If you are prompted to log in via a text or e-mail, delete the message and contact your credit card company to report the suspicious activity.

Consumers are often protected by the Fair Credit Billing Act when unauthorized activity occurs on their credit cards. However, the process of fighting credit card fraud can be time consuming, complicated and expensive.

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