2nd Man Charged in Phillips Neighborhood Homicide

By Kirk Anderson on October 25, 2016

On October 20, policed arrested and charged Rashad Austin, 25, as accomplice and aid to Jquan McInnis, 17, in the Homicide of a 20-year-old man and baby.

McInnis has been charged as an adult for two counts of first-degree murder. Specifically: two charges of premeditated murder and two counts of drive-by shooting. McInnis in a previous case of first-degree robbery was certified to stand as an adult. Because this certification was made, he will again stand trial as an adult.

The shooting occurred in the Phillips neighborhood of Minneapolis on October 9, near 26th and 11th Ave around 1 p.m. The victims, Gustav Christianson, 20, and Jayden Redden, 7 months, were in the backseat of a red Dodge Stratus. According to the report, McInnis fired into the backseat and then went to the rear of the car and fired into the back window. Prosecutors say they believe the shooting was spurred by an unpaid debt.

Both Austin and McInnis were seen together in a car before and immediately after the shooting. Found on McInnis at the time of arrest was a bus ticket out of Minneapolis and other documents. The report states that McInnis asked Austin to get rid of the documents. The report also states that Austin, before his arrest, harassed witnesses on McInnis’s behalf asking them to stop cooperating with the police.

On the corner where the shooting occurred mourners have placed cards and teddy bears for the city’s youngest murder victim of the year. Local peace activist Pastor Harding Smith said, “We want everyone that’s involved of killing this baby to atone for what they have done.”