Know The Basics of Insurance Fraud

By Kirk Anderson on December 26, 2016

Many people think of insurance fraud as no big deal. After all, insurance companies are big and charge money for things that haven’t happened yet. The government of Minnesota doesn’t see it that way. It not only demands that any one convicted of the crime pay back what they got, but also goes to jail… Read more »

Attempt to Commit Murder Charge: Things to Know

By Kirk Anderson on December 21, 2016

When you have been accused of attempting to commit murder, this means you have allegedly tried to take someone’s life, but failed to do so. This is a serious crime that has very serious consequences in regard to the criminal justice system. Action and Intent Two of the most important factors involved in an attempt… Read more »

White-Collar Crime: Computer Fraud

By Kirk Anderson on December 13, 2016

In 1939, sociology Professor Edwin Sutherland coined the phrase “white-collar crime” and defined it as a “crime committed by a person of respectability and high social status in the course of his occupation.” Today, white-collar crime is a generic term for a dishonest business scheme, generally one that is nonviolent and committed for financial gain. Computer… Read more »

An Easy Way to Understand What Manslaughter Is

By Kirk Anderson on December 7, 2016

So, you’ve heard of manslaughter. You probably even heard of voluntary and involuntary manslaughter. But what’s the difference? And how is manslaughter different from murder? Let’s explore those questions together. The definition of manslaughter is “The unjustifiable, inexcusable, and intentional killing of a human being without deliberation, premeditation, and malice. The unlawful killing of a… Read more »

Utilizing medical treatment for addiction to address drug possession charges

By Kirk Anderson on November 30, 2016

An addiction to opioids could happen to anyone. Injured during a hockey game? Having outpatient surgery? Chronic back pain due to a car accident? Any of these events could lead to a prescription for opioids. At first, taking these medications is necessary to treat pain and inflammation, but before long, a physical addiction to the medications occurs…. Read more »

What is Medicare Fraud and How Can it Affect Medicare Recipients?

By Kirk Anderson on November 22, 2016

Medicare Fraud is actually a generic term used for any “unlawful act which results in the inappropriate billing of Medicare for services by a healthcare provider, including physicians, hospitals and affiliated providers”. (Definition found at  Medicare Fraud can occur at any level of care. In the long run, Medicare Fraud can affect the care you receive for numerous reasons…. Read more »

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Minneapolis Hate Crimes

By Kirk Anderson on November 8, 2016

THE GOOD Reported hate crimes are down overall in Minnesota. In fact, since 2010, hate crimes appear to have dropped by about 25 percent overall. THE BAD Hate crimes against Muslims have risen a dramatic 78 percent in 2015 when compared to previous years’ numbers. Numbers so far for 2016, seem to show this trend… Read more »

Charged With Bribery in Minnesota? Here’s What You Need To Know

By Kirk Anderson on November 1, 2016

At its most basic, Minnesota law defines bribery as giving, offering, or promising a special consideration, benefit, or reward to another person with the purpose of influencing them somehow. A bribe can also be requested in exchange for a more favorable outcome. Bribery is generally associated with people in positions of high influence, including legal… Read more »

2nd Man Charged in Phillips Neighborhood Homicide

By Kirk Anderson on October 25, 2016

On October 20, policed arrested and charged Rashad Austin, 25, as accomplice and aid to Jquan McInnis, 17, in the Homicide of a 20-year-old man and baby. McInnis has been charged as an adult for two counts of first-degree murder. Specifically: two charges of premeditated murder and two counts of drive-by shooting. McInnis in a previous case… Read more »